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Curate launches new book

A curate who lives in Aberdaron and ministers in the Bro Enlli Ministry Area has launched a her new book.

On Monday night (25.9.17) at St. Pedrog’s Church, Llanbedrog, The Rev’d Naomi Starkey launched her latest book, The Recovery of Joy: finding the path from rootlessness to returning home. It follows on from The Recovery of Love (2012) and The Recovery of Hope (2015).

The Recovery of Joy takes the reader on a journey through five chapters. Each chapter has a story element as well as a reflection on a Psalm. Each chapter takes the imaginary character – an anonymous wanderer on a journey – to an new island, where they have the opportunity to realise things about their life and grow through them.

The book was partly written on Bardsey Island, where Naomi stayed for a week as a Chaplain, and where she wrote with pen and paper, rather than using a computer. Prior to her ordination Naomi was a commissioning editor for the Bible Reading Fellowship, whilst living in Llanidloes before coming to Aberdaron.


Commenting on her new book, Naomi said, “In our lives we can end up carrying quite a load – an emotional burden – that needs sorting out. This happens, in part, through forgiveness. Not just forgiving others for what they’ve done to us but forgiving ourselves for what we’ve done to others. And as I thought about this, I began to see the importance of recognising the burden we are carrying around with us, acknowledging it and then finding a way of setting the burdens down. And leaving them put down! I’m looking forward very much to hearing what readers make of this book and whether they like it or not!”

The Bishop of Bangor, the Right Rev’d Andy John – said, “It was a privilege for me to be one of Naomi’s proofreaders for this excellent book. As Christians we are called to be people who radiate God’s joy, yet very often we may not feel particularly joyful at times in our own lives. Naomi’s story and reflections on the Psalms map a journey which shows how how joy can be recovered and restored in our lives, even when we’re starting from rock bottom. I commend this book and hope that many people will draw strength from it.”


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Pictures show the Rev’d Naomi Starkey and Bishop Andy John

The Rev’d Naomi Starkey can be contacted by email.

The Recovery of Joy: finding the path from rootlessness to returning home, author Naomi Starkey is published by the Bible Reading Fellowship : https://www.brfonline.org.uk/9780857465184/