Good Hope Visit 2016

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On Tuesday 4th October 2016, four people from our Diocese will begin a visit to the four Good Hope Foundation nursery schools in Lango, Northern Uganda. A number of people from our Diocese support the work of these schools for orphaned children in their localities.

Charles & Helen Owens and Robert & Kath Townsend will also be meeting up with friends from our link Diocese of Lango, as well as with new friends from the newly created Diocese of West Lango, which has been formed because of the growth of the Church in that part of northern Uganda.

This is the homepage for news of their visit, and if you would like to support them in prayer, please send an email to request a copy of their prayer request and itinary.

Please do pray for this visit, and follow it here, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Charles, Helen, Kath & Robert
Charles, Helen, Kath & Robert









28.9.2016 – Eve of Departure – In this podcast, Bishop Andy talked with Charles, Helen, Kath and Robert on the eve of their departure. (This podcast has English and Welsh sections).



7.10.2016 The Journey Canon Robert Townsend goes over some of the events of the group’s journey from Bangor to Lango (This podcast is in English).



9.10.2016 One Sunday in Ngeta Canon Robert Townsend goes though a morning in Ngeta Parish, north of Lira, Uganda  (This podcast is in Welsh).


10.10.2016 Sunday and Monday in Lira Canon Robert Townsend is joined by Charles Owens to talk one the last couple of days on the visit to Lira, Uganda  (This podcast is in English).



11.10.2016 Tuesday in Omot Canon Robert Townsend goes over the group’s visit to the Good Hope Nursery School in Omot, some 2 hours from Lira on intersting roads! (This podcast is in Welsh).



12.10.2016 Two Days in Omot, Banglada and Kayoga Canon Robert Townsend goes over the group’s visit to the Good Hope Nursery Schools in Omot, Banglada and Kayoga, en route back from Kayoga on some more very bumpy roads! (This podcast is in English).



14-10-2016 Helen and Kath in Lira  – Helen Owens and Kath Townsend join Robert Townsend to go over their experiences of being in Lira, Uganda, for a week (This podcast is in Welsh).

16.10.2016 Two days in West Lango – Charles Owens and Robert Townsend start in Lira market, but then talk about the very friendly welcome which they have received in Apac and Aduku, in the new Diocese of West Lango (This podcast is in English).



19.10.2016 Highlights   Charles & Helen Owens are alongside Kath & Robert Townsend to discuss their visit to Lango, Uganda, and the Good Hope Foundation Schools. (This podcast is in English)