Preliminary stage (Request for advice)

This form can be used when the DAC Secretary requires further information from you for discussion with the DAC (ie: if there is doubt whether you need a faculty or not) this is where completion of Form 1, Part 1 helps the DAC to advise. By providing the below information the DAC Secretary can also establish whether it will be necessary during the faculty process for the Diocesan Office to consult with other amenity societies such as The Victorian Society, SPAB, CADW, The Georgian Group, RCAHMW etc., ie.

  • What your proposals involve
  • The approximate age of the church
  • The predominant style of the building
  • If the church is listed and what listing it has
  • If the church is in a conservation area
  • if there is any significant historical or architectural merit to the bulding
  • Any other information you may feel relevant

If the application is an ambitious scheme or is potentially controversial then it is advisable that the Parish contact the amenity societies for early advice.
If it is established that faculty consent is required then the necessary forms may be downloaded from our website or alternatively the DAC Secretary can forward the forms to you in the post. Either way you choose, a faculty reference number will need to be allocated so, it is important that you contact the DAC Secretary.


Listed churches or churches within a conservation area

For churches that are listed or in a conservation area it will also be necessary for the faculty application to be sent to the local authority, Cadw (and other amenity societies where applicable) before it is submitted to the Chancellor and after discussion with the Diocesan advisory Committee (DAC). This enables third parties to make comments relating to your application however, it is the Chanceller who makes the decision to grant a faculty or not. Works may not commence until written approval has been given by the Chancellor. This procedure applies to ALL applications (where churches are listed or in a conservation area). It is the responsibility of the DAC Secretary/Diocesan Registrar to send the application to all of the above. It is not the responsibility of the Parish. Applications are thoroughly assessed and it can take months for a faculty to be granted. Please consider this when applying for a faculty.

Placing an advert in a newspaper

If your proposals involve changes to the historic or architectural character of the building or if your proposals involved demolition then it is also necessary for you to provide notification of your intentions in a local newspaper. This must be arranged by the Parish (see downloadable forms).