Faculty stage

To formally apply for a faculty it will be necessary for you to complete Form 1, Part 2 and provide any other supplementary information to the DAC Secretary/Diocesan Registrar. This will then be discussed with the Diocesan Advisory Committee when they meet. The following information is required:

  • Completed faculty form and any supplementary information (x10 hard copies OR 1 copy submitted electronically via email) – Supplementary information is required to support your application eg: architect’s plans/sketches/photographs/measurements/product & technical information from manufacturers. Please try to submit as much of this information as possible. If you do not provide this information, then it may delay the process for you. We would also request that any information is submitted a minimum of 3 weeks before a DAC meeting. This provides just enough time for the papers to be sent out to the DAC members and to prepare for the meeting. If in doubt, please check with the DAC Secretary if architects drawings are required as you may incur unnecessary professional costs.
  • Copy of the signed PCC Resolution (x1 copies)
  • Copy of the newspaper advertisement (x1 copies) (where applicable this form needs to be advertised in a local newspaper if changes are made to the character of the building or if your proposals involve demolition. A blank form can be obtained on this webpage.
  • Signed Copy of Form 2 – Notice of Petition (x1 copies) this form needs to be displayed on the church noticeboard for a period of 28 days giving the public notice of your intentions

(please note it is impotant that you forward all this information to the DAC Secretary asap as in failing to do so will delay your application being forwarded on).

Diocesan Advisory Committee meetings

– DAC meetings are held approximately every 2 months. 

– Please submit any verbal or written information a minimum of 3 weeks before the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) meeting if you wish for it to be discussed during the meeting. Failure to provide this will result in your application being adjourned until the next meeting.