Church buildings

A faculty is a legal document giving permission to do work to a church building or land. This permission is needed because church buildings are the property of the Representative Body of the Church in Wales not the parish.

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When Do I need a Faculty?

Preliminary stage (request for advice)

Faculty stage


Form 1 Part 1
(Guidance Notes)
This is a preliminary advice form and should only be completed if there is uncertainty as to whether you need to apply for a faculty. Completing this form will provide information to the DAC so they may further advise.
Form 1 Part 2

(Guidance Notes)

Faculty form
Form 2
This form must be displayed on the church noticeboard or gate for a period of 28 days giving notice to the public of your intentions. Please contact DAC secretary for reference number prior to display.
Newspaper Advertisement
This must be advertised if your proposals involve demolition or character of the building is changed.
please also complete any of the following forms if applicable to your application:
Form A
Proposals in churchyards including graves
Form B
Commemorative plaques in churches
Form C
Disposal of items of church contents (please also complete ‘church contents form’)
Church Contents Form
To be completed if church is preparing to close.
Form D
Stained glass
Form E
The removal or disturbance of human remains (whether uncremated or cremated) from an existing grave, vault or tomb
Form F
Reservation of grave space
Statement of Justification
This form is generally for more significant proposals and only needs to be completed if requested

For further guidance place contact:

DAC Secretary/Churches Conservation and Development Officer:

Mrs Susan Booth
Diocesan Centre, Catherdral Close, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 1RL

Tel: 01248 366 329 – Email: