2014-05-10 @ 12-35-58 in 0, 0Becoming a Learning Church | As Christians in the Diocese of Bangor, we can trace our history back to holy men and women who founded communities of prayer and service across the diocese as early as the fifth century. These early Celtic saints – Deiniol, Cybi, Seiriol, Tudwen, Madryn, and many others – are still commemorated in the names of our churches, towns and villages. A millennium and a half later, our mission hasn’t changed – to respond to the call of Jesus by becoming a Learning Church, to witness to our faith by word and action, and to reach out to all people with the good news of the Kingdom of God. As part of our commitment to being a Learning Church, we’ve recently restructured our parishes to form new Ministry Areas, and we’re investing in leadership, collaboration, learning and outreach. These are exciting, demanding, energising times.